Rodolfo a Baku

I played volleyball as a Pro for 15 years. I was a good setter, that kind of player that always tries hard. However, many times I felt that I could not express my talent fully and freely.
During my career I had some injuries and I was told that pain and physical issues are normal in sport life and I had to accept them.
No pain no gain!
So you have to put more effort trying to improve after thousands of repetitions, while talent is a gift God only gave to very few people. This is not true!

I’ve understood and felt it when I was 35, after years of research, studies, experiments on myself and on my athletes. I wish I had known all these things when I was still playing but I didn’t.

My career could have been different with a lot more fun and I could have been an excellent player.
I decided to get some extraordinary people involved who lived similar experiences. You care for your body and your love for sport means a lot to you – we will share everything we learned with you. We can gather information, understand, find the best way to learn, heal ourselves and prevent huge mistakes.
Helping you to be protagonist of your personal growth and supporting your eagerness to get better everyday
is the ultimate goal of SEMPRE MEGLIO!