I love crystals since I was a little boy. My science teacher taught us to create crystals of different kind and colors with saturated solutions.

Because of this I’ve spent so much time watching their beauty and perfection completely amazed.

Nature has deep and perfect rules that we have just started to understand but often we think that we can modifying them for the better.

Growing up I discovered energetic properties of crystals. Since ancient times they have been used to heal people because they are full of energy that allow us to enter in deep contact with our emotions, dreamd and to express our potentialities.
I love to translate into music the energy of crystals, playing with the vibration I feel when the power of nature crosses my heart.


It is the stone of welcome and helps the soul to incarnate during childbearing.

With its energy, Amethyst accompanies the process of the new body welcoming its soul at its best in order to visit this Earth with love and joy of living. (May 2nd 2010)