Become our best selves!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
This famous quote does not only apply to big political or social revolutions, but to every domain of our life.
We might complain that nobody believes in us, helps us improve, cares about explaining us, no one is by our side and supports us in order to improve every field of our life.
However, have we ever asked ourselves if we are mindful about researching how to change our life?
In order to get better and better it is necessary to figure out, REALLY and MINDFULLY, what works best for us.
What type of training, what studying method, what medication or natural medicine.
We shall be responsible for our improvement!

What’s behind SEMPRE MEGLIO!

I played volleyball as a Pro for 15 years. I was a good setter, that kind of player who is committed and always tries hard. However, many times I felt that I was not completely able to express my talent freely and consistently.
During my career I had some injuries and I was told that pain and physical issues are normal in sport life and I had to accept them (“”No pain no gain!””).
I was also told that sport means suffering and enduring, and improvement only occurs after many years of repetitions, while talent is a gift God only gave to very few people. This is not true!

I understood and felt it when I was 35, after years of research, studies, experiments on myself and on my athletes. Then I met Fabio Menichetti, whose history is similar to mine. He has a remarkable sport background and a great knowledge of the functioning and healing of the human body (he is a specialist in osteopathic medicine).
We agreed to try to do something great: help people feel Better and Better!

Every piece of information you will get is filtered through our direct experience and continuous experimentation.
We address directly the “final users”: players, coaches, people who love and study the game.
All contents are specifically selected and designed to help you. Nothing of what we write is a mere belief or something we just heard of. We examine each theory in depth and test it.
The goal of BETTER & BETTER is to help you become protagonist of your personal growth and to support your eagerness to get better every day.
Feel free to question everything. Experiment and ask yourself if what we are suggesting you is helpful!

Rodolfo Cavaliere
Rodolfo CavaliereFounder and Cognitive Specialist
  • Professional Volley and Beach Volley player and coach
  • Management Engineer with a final lecture on Team and People coaching (the first lecture on coaching in an engineering university)
  • Certified Strength Coach with Italian Association of Volleyball Strength & Conditioning Coaches (APIV)
  • Certified Postural Trainer with International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and “Metodo Raggi”, a special program for global rebalancing
  • Athlete Manager Red Bull Italy in 2013
  • Silva Mind Control Method expert practitioner (since 1997)
  • Bates Method expert to improve eye efficiency and vision (since 2003)
Federica Camerlo
Federica CamerloStrength and Conditioning Coach
  • Graduating in Sport and Exercise Science University in Bologna
  • Trainee as rehabilitation coach at “Isokinetic” Rehabilitation Center Bologna
  • Volleyball Strength and Conditioning  coaching diploma CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) and FIPAV (Italian Volleyball Federation)
  • Weightlifting Coaching  diploma FIPE (Italian Weightlifting Federation)
  • Functional Movement System 1 Certificate
  • Imagery and ideomotor training diploma at Psicosport Italy
  • Ex Pro Basketball Player in Italy and in NCAA
  • Strength and conditioning coach: Volleyball (Orlen Liga Poland, B1 Women Italy), Tennis (Virtus Tennis Bologna)
  • Strength and conditioning coach assistant: Seria A Italia: LJ Modena, and Italian women’s Volleyball Team
Fabio Menichetti
Fabio MenichettiOsteopath with Pediatrics Specialization
  • Former decathlete of Italian Athletic National team and Air Force sports group
  • Diploma of Osteopathy, Masters in Pediatric Osteopathy, Specializations in Dentistry, Myofunctional therapy and Sport Osteopathy
  • Physiotherapy and Physical Education Degree
  • Certification as soft tissue therapist A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) “full body” achieved in Chicago, USA
  • Certifications in posturology, rehabilitation, kinesiotaping and management of the pre and post-race for professional athlete
  • Osteopath, physiotherapist and trainer of athletes and professional teams of volleyball, basketball track and field, judo, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and fencing.
Valeria Rosso
Valeria RossoCo-Founder and Producer
  • Professional Volley and Beach Volley player
  • Creator and author of sport-social projects for kids
  • Graduate in Business Communication
  • Master in Sport management
  • Events organizer
  • Specializing in Psychology of mathematics Education