“The quality of the message cannot be superior to the quality of the person who says it.” This is one of the issues that came to light during the seminar Communication for the Teaching with Rodolfo Cavaliere at the ITIS Q. Sella, with the school teachers of the group, Attention to youth problems (in Italian: [...]

Another step ahead with… Federica Camerlo

The goal of Sempre Meglio is to help others to be leaders in their sport and to encourage growth whilst sharing our philosophy. The SM family grows day by day with the inclusion of new individuals that help us to be one step ahead. Who is Federica? I am a young woman from Bologna. I [...]

Wingprinting: Emiliano Toso tell us about Honeymoon Effect!

Honeymoon Effect The intuition of this song comes from the respect and gratitude I feel for my great friend and  teacher Bruce Lipton! In 2013 he immediately believed in me as professional composer. "People need your music, Emiliano" he told me, "get out from this lab and bring your music to the world!" This song [...]

How stretching changed my life!!

Whoever practices sport has heard people say that “stretching is good”. Hence at the end of practice, for a period of time that varies between 20 seconds and 5 minutes, you have gathered with a couple of those teammates that always do what they are told to and stretched your calves, your hamstrings and your [...]

Wingprinting: the project of Emiliano Toso dedicated to conception and pregnancy

Emiliano Toso shares with us the preview of his video where he talks about his project dedicated to the Conception and the pregnancy. Every saturday from the next one on www.sempremeglio.org, Emiliano is disclosing what is behind every song of ‪#‎Wingprinting‬:” Dear cells listening, today is a very special day because I want to share [...]

Stress, epigenetic and pregnancy (Emiliano Toso, 2016)

Emilano Toso (on the right) together with Bruce Lipton Recent studies show how children and infants are unconsciously influenced by their parents even before they were born, and how much a conscious parenting can positively affect health, intelligence and happiness of future generations (Bruce Lipton 2005). The life that the small fetuses spend [...]

Sempre Meglio Conference in Biella: “Who moves our body. Getting to know motor intelligence”

Rodolfo Cavaliere and Valeria Rosso, athletes, researchers and experimenters in self and sport improvement, give birth to Sempre Meglio - Better and Better project as a global approach to self-improving where mental and physical topics are melting together. Starting from their own experience in the world of volleyball and extending it through research and comparison [...]

We do not achieve mastery through words!

Here you have a wonderful example relative to the different types of intelligence and the correct ways to train them. Daniela Lucangeli is a psychologist, psychotherapist and an expert and teacher in the field of educational sciences. She also talks about sports and motor intelligence in this funny clip. Each type of intelligence has its [...]

Deep squat is healthy!

It is often said that performing a deep squat is dangerous for back and knees and can lead to degenerative problems. The following scientific paper states the opposite after having taken into consideration 164 scientific studies on this matter.  Squatting deep has many advantages compared to shallow squat: lower retropatellar compressive forces, protection against injuries and [...]

Learning to play.

Sometimes during the learning process coaches or teachers ask us to perform drills, and it seems that the goal becomes to perform perfectly the task they assign us. After a while we get used to this idea and we are satisfied if we are able to perfectly execute the drills, but we don't realize that, [...]