A tool to reach your full potential!SEMPRE MEGLIO

One of my aims is to help any professional volleyball player to turn his good career into an outstanding career.

Is there something in your “way to play” that you would like to improve?

Is there a skill that is preventing you from becoming more consistent in your performance? Probably everybody complains about that but no one really helps you achieve that improvement you actually need.

Do you have a physical problem that is limiting your performances and you want to get rid of?

Do you feel your career blocked in some way even if you put all your efforts to improve every year?

I played volleyball as a Pro for 15 years. I was a good setter, that kind of player that always tries hard.

However, many times I felt that I could not express my talent fully and freely.
During my career I had some injuries and I was told that pain and physical issues are normal in sport life and I had to accept them.
No pain no gain!
So you have to put more effort trying to improve after thousands of repetitions, while talent is a gift God only gave to very few people.

This is not true!

I’ve understood and felt it when I was 35, after years of research, studies, experiments on myself and on my athletes.

I wish I had known all these things when I was still playing but I didn’t.
My career could have been different with a lot more fun and I could have been an excellent player.

When we started playing volleyball we found coaches who taught us techniques and basic skills; then we grow up and everybody starts thinking that we cannot really improve that much anymore, that we will always be that kind of player.

This is not true!

If you have a great wish to improve and you are open to changing and experimenting with your body you can improve even if you are 35.

I have trained an athlete that played as a  middle blocker but was considered a mediocre player because everybody thought she was not tall and physically strong enough. Coaches said her swing was not good enough to be an outside hitter even if she was extremely good at passing and digging.

At the age of 28 she was so tired of these labels other people stuck on her that she decided to move from volleyball to beach volley.

We worked intensively on many mental, physical and technical aspects and after 6 months she won a silver medal in a stop of Beachvolley World Tour. After that she got back to indoor as an outside hitter and her career is getting better and better every year.


I can help you try new experiences, discover different ways to improve every aspect of your performance and I can show you how to:

  • have a healthy body, regardless of your age or previous injuries
  • feel new sensations in your skills
  • experiment how much you can improve in just 15 days.

I will guide you to a deeper awareness of your body and you will experience “magic moments” when your body moves perfectly, fluently and with no “effort”.

You will learn how to coach yourself during the next season and recreate those “magic moments”.

I will be available to support you during the season to help you stay on track with the goals you establish as important for your career.

This is why I started this project:

SEMPRE MEGLIO Performance Camp!

I want to share with you all the knowledge, equipment, experiences I have collected in many years of studies and experimentations to boost your performances as you deserve!


  • Preliminary Skype call to start customizing YOUR camp.
  • Postural evaluation and re-balancing
  • Global physical assessment: strength, stability, speed, coordination, vision etc.
  • Athletic conditioning and full report with tips to keep improving also after the camp.
  • Fully equipped volleyball and beach volleyball courts in order to work on specific skills
  • Video analysis for a direct and real feedback on what you are experiencing.
  • Mental coaching sessions to learn how to manage and achieve your goals.


  • Professional Volley and Beach Volley player and coach
  • Management Engineer with a final lecture on Team and People coaching (the first lecture on coaching in an engineering university)
  • Certified Strength Coach with Italian Association of Volleyball Strength & Conditioning Coaches (APIV)
  • Certified Postural Trainer with International Sport Science Association (ISSA) and “Metodo Raggi”, a special program for global rebalancing.
  • Silva Mind Control expert practitioner (since 1997)
  • Bates Method expert to improve eye efficiency and vision (since 2003)

Location: Biella, Italy.

A small nice hilly city close to the mountain and only one hour from Malpensa airport (Milano).

We will provide transportation from and to airport and during performance Camp and we will help you to find the best accommodation according to your needs.


✔ FunClubSport Mottalciata

Swimming pool, fitness area, beach volleyball court, tennis court, solarium, bar and restaurant.

✔ Fully equipped indoor gym

Check the week available below to book YOUR Performance Camp!

(4 athletes per week maximum).


25-31 May 25%
1-7 June   25%
7-14 June 0%
15-21 June 0%
22-28 June 100%
29 June – 5 July 100%
6-12 July 0%
13-19 July 100%
20-26 July 100%
27 July – 2 August 0%
3-9 August 0%
10-16 August 0%

You have one career and playing volleyball is what you love to do.

I want to help you fully enjoy it and improve every year, because improving can be extremely enjoyable.

I guarantee you that this is an incredible offer that you have the chance to grab!
In my career I paid for Postural or Mental Coaching session more than 100 €/h and you have to pay not an avarage volley or tennis coach not less than 40 €/h for a private training.

One full week of intensive and customized coaching like can costs you around 2500 € and you can have it now for 700 €.

Why such a low price?

Mainly because I want you to succeed and I don’t want “finances” to get in your way!


With the link above you will proceed to the down payment of the first week (of 2 consecutive weeks). You can pay the balance at your arrival.


700per week
  • Preliminary Skype call to get to know each other and to set goals

  • 2 weeks of overall coaching (technique, physical, mental, postural, and so on).

  • Everyday access to Funclub Sport

  • All transportations during your staying

  • 2 Weeks minimum

  • Not included: Meals and Hotels